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Small business is scary, do it anyway.

I believe with all my heart that women typically earn less money than men. The statistics prove this to be true. Women’s groups around the world advocate for financial equality on a daily basis.
In the 70′s Jane Fonda noted that women earned 71 cents on the dollar: today, almost 45 years later we’ve climbed up to 74 cents on the dollar.
What gives ladies? Why is that ok? Have we all given up, raised our arms in the air and said, ” well that’s just the way it is.”
I, for one, do not accept that to be true. I, for one, believe there are ways to meet, and even pass, the wage of a man. I, for one, believe we can be financially saavy enough to make far more than “enough” money.
This is why I started coaching women, teaching them how to turn their passions into profits. I love doing this work and now I’ve found an even faster, easier and less expensive way to empower women financially. That is the power of Arbonne.
My decision to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant was not a quick one. I researched the company for several months. I tested the products, and the consultants, for many more months. I took the cosmetics with me to LA for my private lunch with Oprah, Gayle King, Iyanla Vanzant and the OWN Ambassadors.
Arbonne is a direct sales company, I knew nothing about direct sales. Arbonne is a “lipstick and lotion” company, I knew little about either.
What I did know was that this company had many women, in four countries, who were earning far more than I ever would in my one on one coaching practise and they were working less hours.
Making the decision to begin with this company was smart on my part. I like to think that, as I age, my wisdom muscle does too.
At 57, and having been recently released from my government contract, my earning years in the “workforce” have been vastly diminished. My husband is set to retire in 18 months and we, like so many our age, have supported our children through their post secondary education. That equals line of credit growth. Not a smart place to be at this age.
Arbonne will change this, I KNOW this…absolutely know it. I am not worried about my financial future now, in fact I am rather looking forward to the day, perhaps by the time I reach 60, when I’ll be driving around town in my new white mercedez benz: the one I earned from Arbonne.
If this story resonates with you, if you feel stuck, nervous or just plain scared to death about your financial future, we should chat. Let’s meet for coffee or tea and discuss your concerns and how working with me, on my team, may work for you. If you live far enough away that coffee may not work, that’s ok, I am happy to speak to you on the phone.
In the meantime, check out the companyat if this link if you want to order anything, easy peasy, simply enter my id #, 115726215, when prompted, and your delivery will be on it’s way.
I look forward to hearing what your dreams are! #livingfearessdreambig



Why you may not want to work with me and why you probably should.

My work as a life coach is very rewarding and moving and thrilling.

I teach women how to turn uncover their passion and turn it into profit.

My movement is Helping Millions Make Millions

Yeah Jan blah blah blah…so what?


Well here’s the thing. I’ve been there: I’ve worn your shoes: I’ve felt your pain…maybe not everybody’s but a lot of it believe me on that one!

I grew up pretty happy as far as I remember until I began to be abused sexually. That assault on a young child’s body has a way of eroding joy and trust and hope for the future. It just eats away at the soul if you let it and for a lot of years I let it because I didn’t know any better.

Thank God for counsellors and therapists and finally my life coach but mostly I am thankful I knew that I didn’t want to be living in fear anymore.

I made a choice to remove myself from many toxic relationships: shit that was hard to do because a lot of them had been lifelong relationships.

Talk about living in lonelyville.

I’ve been out of work and out of money.

I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and completely changed my life around that diagnosis. 7 years later I was informed that the diagnosis had been a medical error and that I could live a life Parkinson free.

What? What the f*** people don’t “unget” Parkinson’s disease. The specialist had made a huge error in the original diagnosis and would not own up to it. I never did get an apology from her and I’m not holding my breath either.


One of my best friends was murdered three years ago almost to this day.

Her husband was a police officer so she always seemed safe around the house. That’s where she was murdered: in her kitchen making breakfast for that same dam cop who was supposed to be keeping her safe.

He came up behind her and shot her four times in the head with his hunting rifle…I miss her. He had no right to do what he did but he believed he had no other options. I don’t know why he did it and I don’t ask: it doesn’t matter to me. She’s gone: bottom line.

I’ve had a lot of mess in my life and I’ve learned from each and every single lesson they brought to me.

That’s why you probably should work with me..

I know how hard it is to believe there is a way out and I know how easy it is to make that shift once you see things differently.

Not sure if this will work for you? Try a sample session. Now go be fearless!

A bare naked Halloween? Maybe..

Once a year folks of all ages and sizes seize the opportunity to dress up in a scary (or not so scary) costume and go trick or treating. I have always liked getting dressed up not because it meant there’d be candy at the end of the night but becauase of the creativity. Sourcing out second hand shops and thrift stores to find just the perfect accessory or finding something at a garage sale in the summer that I knew would be “just perfect” for a costume some day. I was usually right and I have to tell you my kids had a great trunk full of costume stuff to play dress up when they were little.

It’s great to dress up and have fun for one day. It’s fun to pretend that you’re some swashbuckling pirate or a princess or a jedi warrior or a beastly beast or a monster or a vampire or a ……

Yesterday I presented a workshop to a group of amazing women who were helping to raise funds for the Arthritis Society of Canada. We talked about the elephant in the room for each of the ladies …Slowly those elephants began to appear as the fear of speaking up fell away. “Making mistakes.” “Failing” “Not trying hard enough.” “Not being good enough” “I’m too fat.” ” I feel like an imposter most of the time..” There were a lot of elephants in that room yesterday. As the workshop progressed I asked each one of the attendees to stand up: close their eyes and declare (out loud or not) one dream that they would commit to realizing. Then I asked each of them to draw an imaginary line in the sand  and if they were willing to jump over it to do so. The point of the line is the sand is the difference between ” I can” and “I will”…”I can” is just that…you can but you might not follow through. “I will” is a commitment to yourself that you will find a way to make this dream come true…a step toward making that elephant find a new place to live. That’s awesome! Do you know what happened after that? Every single one of them took the step: some jumped: some walked: some gingerly tiptoed over that line but they all did it!

I’m so excited to watch the unfolding of the dream for these glorious women…

You know what’s scarier than any Halloween costume? Not having a costume and pretending to be something you’re not. If you’re wearing a mask pretending to be something you’re not isn’t it time to let it go? Halloween is one day a year: masks are meant to be worn just once….put them away and let people see the real you. You deserve it and so do they! Now go be fearless. Jan

You don’t need a cape to be fearless but it might help

I work with heroes, I live with heroes, I love my life, I really really do. At the age of 55 I have finally figured out what is important, what’s not, how to say no and when to say yes.

This isn’t about me, it’s about the amazing people who choose to face fearless in their lives: the people who make the decision to move beyond their fear and step into the life they were meant to live. Awesome women all of them: one a teacher who finally made the choice to leave her job when her principle began to bully her for speaking up, a woman in her mid-forties who left her abusive husband when her son was not a year old, scared to death but knowing she, and her son, deserved so much more, the mid-life woman who, after living with the same person for thirty years waiting for him to acknowledge she existed, finally realized that day would never come: it would be up to her to create that reality so she left, penniless and petrified…

It’s hard to face the fact that it was you, and only you, who put you where you are. That’s harsh to hear and it takes a whole lot of self reflection to realize that truth. Who the hell really wants to say to somebody else, like a life coach, “Yeah I messed up, I kept thinking it would be different, I was wrong.”

Here’s the thing, once a person realizes that they had some part to play in the place they are now really huge big things happen. Stuff begins to shift, choices are made that reflect taking care of the self and not worrying about what others may think. I call it the “stop shoulding on yourself” syndrome.

Why do you think shows like Oprah and Dr. Philare so popular? They offer people a chance to believe there is hope, no matter what has happened in life, and hope is a strong motivator. Hope keeps people holding onto their dreams when everybody else is saying it’s not possible.

“I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.”,Jonas Salk.

Isn’t that a beautiful quote? The truth is this: you can, absolutely without a doubt, fulfill your dreams, overcome your fears, live fearless, if you truly believe it, and that belief is a choice.


You don’t need a cape to be fearless, but if you keep one close by to remind you of your dream when you are listening to the “shoulds”, you will have a great touchstone of You being Fearless. In fact, take a picture of you in a cape and carry it around with you if that helps to keep you inspired. Do whatever it takes; put the cape on if you have to,step into your superpowers! ! Now go, be fearless…