Women on the edge. My date with Oprah

Ok, I don’t really have a date with Oprah, let me make that perfectly clear. That said, this girl dreams big and I keep my doors open to possibility so you just never know.

I do, however, have a date with Oprah’s network OWN every Sunday starting at 11am with Super Soul Sunday, which I love for the community of tweet tweeters who join in, and ending with Next Chapter.

I believe in people having energy fields and the ability of our vibrations to be a force for good or bad depending on our choices. If you haven’t seen What the Bleep yet you should. Very provocative for it’s time, the message now is much more accepted. The theory is that emotions can change water crystals and, if that is possible, the same is true for human behaviour.

I know for certain there are people I come into contact with and my intuition immediately gets triggered, something feels “off” about the person and so I pay attention to that inner knowing. It has NEVER let me down. On the other hand I have let it down and paid a price for doing so.

Back to Oprah and Sunday..I wish there was some invention, a love-o-meter perhaps, that could measure the energy force of the world before Oprah’s shows and then after the viewers have watched them all.

My guess is that good Old Mama Earth would have one big smiley face all day long.

You have to hand it to Oprah and her team, they know what their audience is asking for and they deliver and, in typical Oprah fashion, the entire world becomes better for it.

If I do get that date I’ll let you know friends. In the meantime, let the love fest begin.

5 4 3 2 1…GO!


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