Women on the edge. Do I look fat in this flower?

Go take yourself for a walk. Seriously go take yourself for a walk but don’t just go outside and walk without noticing what’s around you. Take the time to notice the trees that are in full bloom right now. The flowers in season, hydrangeas, roses, trumpet vines, azaleas, sweet pea, butterfly bush..so many beautiful colours and smells. The birds and the butterflies and the honey bees too. Take note of all of them as you go for your walk.

While you’re at it really listen to what all those plants are saying to you as you walk by. You know all those things that run through the mind….”I wonder if she thinks I look fat in this flower.” “I knew I should have picked different petals today, these just feel uncomfortable.” ” My petals need a manicure and my stalks really need a shave.”

Ridiculous right? Mother Nature is perfect and all of her creations are perfect. Doesn’t it just sound crazy when you think about a flower talking like that? And yet, here we are, humans, the evolved ones apparently, beating ourselves up day in and day out about how we look, how we sound, how others think about us.

Arghhh…just stop it ok? Mother Nature didn’t make any mistakes and neither did your mama: you are perfection: you are absolutely stunning, you do not need to change you BUT you may need to change your thoughts ’cause for a very long time you’ve been listening to those old thoughts.

Goddess that you are, step into your truth and accept that, right now, at this very moment, you are nothing short of awesome!

I love you, I am proud of you, I want you to know that and to believe it yourself.

And tonight, if your skies are clear where you are, check out the awesomeness of the full moon, yet another miraculous creation from Mama Earth. Enjoy!


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